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Lately, many of television and radio’s talk show hosts have been talking about .  Some have even stated that the electronic book reader may become the next hot craze since the IPod and IPhone.  But what is an electronic book reader?  Well, it is just like it sounds.  It is an electronic device that displays books for you to read.  It acts like a book in that you can actually “change” the pages and watch the page turn on the digital screen.   There are two main electronic book reader brands with a couple models out there, the Amazon Kindles and Sony Digital Readers.  However, anyone who has been hearing the craze may be wondering why this device will become the next best thing when reading a book is not anything that needs improvement or an electronic device to do.  But the fact is that the are well on their way to being mainstream use because they make books easier to access, carry, and is even easier to study with.  Let’s really take a look at what they have to offer that is so great.

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Amazon Kindle, Generation 1 ebook reader              Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 2nd generation                Kindle DX         

Kindle                 Kindle 2                Kindle DX


Sony ebook reader, sony digital reader                   Sony digital Reader, PRS600           prs300, prs-300

Sony PRS 505   Sony PRS 700   Sony PRS 600   Sony PRS 300    

can store hundreds even thousands of books in their memory depending on which device you get.  With such a library at your fingertips the benefits are great.  Storing so many books in one small device definitely gets rid of the space problem at home, in your office, and in your bag.  The Kindle and Kindle 2 both offer wireless internet access right from the device so the user is able to go to the ebook store online, purchase a book, and r ead it in just seconds!  How much easier is that than going to the bookstore only to find out they have just sold out of the book you are looking for.  Bummer.  With such ease in buying and retrieving books and storing them all in one place people may find that the electronic book reader saves them time, money, and space which so many of us battle everyday to find.

Not only are the allowing such ease in getting and storing books but are ebooks, kindle 2 review, allowing greater portability of books than one could have ever imagined.  Remember trying to go to a full day of college classes, balancing books in your hands and in your back bag while attempting to grab a quick snack in between classes.  Now think if you  had an electronic book reader back then.  You could have stored your books into your reader and would only have to worry about remembering to put the tiny thing in your bag before you left class.  What a breeze!  I can definitely say I would have rather had that worry.  However, this isn’t just a convenience for students but for everyday people as well.  People have the ability to retrieve newspapers and even some magazines right to their electronic book reader.  Now you can read your favorite articles without carrying bulky and messy newspapers.  Also, for avid book readers they can carry numerous books with them at once, especially for those long business trips or relaxing vacation.  Instead of trying to pack a few books or buy some books and your destination and then leave them behind, you can have them all in one small device and carrying them anywhere.

Some of the have also made it easier for people to mark or highlight their books without actually ruining them.  No more post-it notes decorating the pages.  Instead you are able to write in the side column, much like some would do with their paper books, or highlight important words right from your electronic book reader.  Some of these readers even have the feature to email your notes out so you can share them or transfer them easily to your home computer. compare electronic book readers, portable handheld digital book reader

Other random features that are proving to be valuable to consumers is text magnification, audio, easy to read display screen, and of course they do have accessories.  The text magnification allows older adults with poor eyesight the opportunity to enjoy reading without having to attempt to find large print books and they are very user friendly that any senior citizen, even those without computer knowledge, can operate the electronic book reader.  Just like an IPod the user only needs to know how to hit the play button or in this case the Turn Page button.  The audio feature lets the electronic book reader read to you.  This is convenient for those that want to enjoy a book without staring at the screen, for a group of listeners, or for children to enjoy.  The easy to read display is definitely a benefit for those that have experienced eye problems from staring at a computer screen all day.  The screen is not that same as a computer and allows the user to change the screen’s appearance to their liking.  And last but not least are the accessories.  Just like any other electronic device bags or covers for the readers are available that help store, protect, and transport the device safely.

  Kindle 2 Cover     Kindle DX Cover     Sony Digital Reader Covers 

Now with all these great features and amazing possibilities it is no wonder that many are stating that the truly could become the next digital craze since the IPod and IPhone.  I believe myself that in the future these devices will be mainstream technology and we may even see the possibility of elementary students carrying these to school instead of the traditional book bags full of heavy books.

Sarah Brown

Amazon Kindle, Generation 1 ebook reader              Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 2nd generation                Kindle DX         

Kindle                 Kindle 2                Kindle DX


Sony ebook reader, sony digital reader                   Sony digital Reader, PRS600           prs300, prs-300

Sony PRS 505   Sony PRS 700   Sony PRS 600   Sony PRS 300   




Author: Sarah Brown

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